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afternoon. there is a live look and you can see very impressive sim etry. the storm continues to push off northwest at 18 miles per hour and now located 350 miles south of cape hatteras and just off the coast of north carolina during the overnight tonight and then off the delmarva peninsula during its early morning hours tomorrow still as a maimer hurricane. showing you something really impressive, taking a look at our hd radar. these are wave heights. see the white there, that's 44 feet. so that is suggesting near the high of the hurricane, the eye wall, we have wave heights close to 44 feet and all of that wave action and all of that water is being pushed up to the north and northwest. and so we can expect some very big waves as the storm passes through during the next couple of days. let's talk local radar. currently 72 in fredericksberg, 78 to start the morning in
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ocean city. a beautiful start down at the beaches things will deteriorate tonight as the clouds move in. but for us a bright sunshine. code orange air quality. a few degree cooler than yesterday. right now the labor day forecast looks fantastic. i'll have the weekend details coming up in a few minutes. allison and gurvir, back to you. a state of emergency has already been declared for maryland, virginia and north carolina. >> and the effects are already being felt. amtrak has canceled train routes in virginia. there are mandatory evacuations in the outer banks of north carolina and travelers are being advised not to travel and from ocean city. sherry ly is live in ocean city and joining us with the latest situation. tides started picking up a short time augment it is. we are just at low tide and so it should pick back up again but we've seen waves of 6-8
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feet out here and it will only get worse. we are her a hurricane watch here in ocean city, although earl is expected to pass close off shore. we're still going to get pounded with high winds and heavy surf. we're looking at waves later today at 12 up to 15 feet. right now life guards are not out on the beaches but they will be shortly. yesterday they had restrictions as far as how far people could go into the water -- knee deep or less and that was it. and as the storm moves in, they are telling people to stay out of the water, especially during the storm. the storm is expected to hit sometime overnight and in the early morning hours of friday, that should be the worst of the storm and then it is expected to quickly pass. and they have been preparing for the last few days and for the most part people are going to weather the storm. >> it's getting rougher and rougher. we know what is coming. and i think everybody -- a lot of people are coming down to
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watch it. we're waiting it out. i'm going to tack all of my furniture off of my porch and doing the same thing for my neighbors and sit back and cross my fingers and hope everything goes well. >> reporter: and she has some good advice there. they are telling people take everything off your porches. anything that could become a projectile could come through a window. and i am standing next to the sea wall. they have gates here rand they'll close those to protect from a storm surge. they are not evacuating here at ocean city, maryland. and when i talked to the mayor, he said emergency officials are meeting at 1:00 to re-evaluate the situation but even then it's too late to order an evacuation because you simply couldn't get everybody out. >> i know they are watching it
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carefully there, sherry. thanks a lot. again both maryland and virginia have declared states of emergency as hurricane earl joins us. joining us live bill speeler. i know a state of emergency has been declared as a precaution. tell us what this entails and why it has been enacted. >> the governor declared it to start prepositioning our resources and personnel. we were able to activate some of the national guard troops and are repositioning them for any post storm clean-up and moved additional state troopers down toward the ramp ton roads area, eastern part of virginia just to be ready just in case. >> and i know this also means that a lot of different agencies, if you will, come together. tell us how some of the agencies work together, bob? >> we have the virginia emergency operation center. we bring representatives from various state agencies to work
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as a team to help respond and assist the localities that are directly responding to the effects of the storm. so if they need resources we look at the state devil to see what we have to exist. >> and right now there is -- this is minimal nature there and it could be finishy and change. what changes are you having residents do? >> well we're still keeping an eye on the storm and we're looking at 12 hours of tropical storm force winds in virginia and that's a concern of power outages along the eastern part of virginia so that's something we're definitely concerned about and keeping an eye on. >> as far as the virginia beach area, it's a big weekend, labor day weekend is here, what about the folks on the beaches and what are you telling them? >> we're telling them to keep an eye on the storm. the local governments will be issuing any orders for any protections that they might have to do. but right now we are looking at strong winds along there and
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the potential power outages. but the good news is that the storm will move out of here quickly and friday and this weekend should be clear and nice and sunny. >> thank you for joining us. and the other big story this morning. police are still on the scene of the discovery channel building in downtown silver spring where a man stormed the place yesterday afternoon and took hostages before he was shot and killed by police. we're told authorities have been combing the building all morning in search of explosives or material left behind by the gunman james lee. sarah simmons has been there and she joins us with the latest development. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gurvir. police are still here on the scene. fire and ems left after they did their sweep of the building and did discover three out of the four packages that they claim that the alleged gunman jays j lee left behind in the lobby, three of the -- four of
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them they did disrupt, they called it. and they do believe that packages did come inside with him. they did finish that sweep here a couple of hours ago but again police are still on the scene here. though we're expecting to see morefully employees starting to -- more employees starting to show up around 10:00 a.m. and they will open from 10:00 to 1:00 for employees to come inside and gather their things or cars or anything they have left behind and they will have counselors on hand for anyone who feels the need to talk with somebody. now police are still holding the lobby as part of their investigation. of course they swept through there earlier this morning. james j lee, the lobby is where he is believed to have strapped the explosive to his body and hold three hostages while 1900 employees and people in the day care were evacuated. police spent hours negotiating
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with the gunman. in montgomery county, police chief tom manger spoke about how they were watching the gunman the whole time. take a look at what he to say earlier on fox 5 morning news. >> he had in his hand what appeared to be a switch that had a little wire coming from it, so we were concerned about him having some radio controlled switch to an explosive. we watched him take a pin out of the switch and take it out a couple of times. we can see and hear him from the position our team had. they heard -- we saw the hostages move. we saw -- heard him shout and then heard a pop. we're still trying to determine whether he fired his weapon or whether that was him detonating one of the devices on his person. but at that instant, our folks came around and confronted him and he turned to them with his gun out and it w point that the officers fired
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at him. >> reporter: and we'll continue to follow the investigation and have the latest coming up on fox 5 news at 5:00. back to you. >> sarah, thank. we know the gunman james lee had a long-standing beef with the discovery communications corporation. he posted some of his writings on he said stop all shows glorifying birthing on your channels but what drove him over the edge. dr. lisa van sustern joins us now to weigh in on this sort of strange case. good morning to you. >> good morning, allison. >> some of the earlier reports were that he might be an ex employee. because that's what you normally hear. and then it turns out he wanted like the kate plus 8 shows off of the air. is this strange? >> yes. but he found a cause, which he may have legitimately been interested in and over time it
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became less about the cause and more about a vehicle to express his turmoil and ultimately it was completely about his disorder and in stability. >> now he had been out there -- and in some accounts with two years. he once threw out a bunch of cash and he was arrested for that because it was considered littering. and what is in the mind of someone who has all of that emotion? >> people who don't want to get help for their mental illness or increasing stability, they reject medication and their families. and they have to explain it some way and they have to find and adopt some theme around which to express that. but in his case it was
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environmentalism and this was his case. >> and it always seems like they have the manifestos. what do you take from this? >> it's dilutions of grandeur. he thinks he's so important he'll get discovery channel to change programming. obviously very incoherent. while there were things that were worthy of note on science of environmental issues but it also becomes threats of random violence. but it's easy to see what something should have gone from a concern to something totally incoherent. >> and we're hearing about this my ishmael and al gore's cause and do we see that often, they attach themselves to legitimate things? >> well you can, because what will happen is people feel and he is the one that felt like the loner. that's the usual profile. and they try to find some cause
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that redeems them. theyin turnally feel like scum bags themself. they have no self worth. and if they can express something they do know how eyes worth this will val sath and redeem them. >> we've seen career protestors but to go in and storm the building and do this, how is this leap made? >> this is what happens. it started off mostly being about the cause and as it progresses the cause gets flushed through a disordered mind and becomes an opportunity to express internal turmoil and then finally it's only about the internal turmoil. so somewhere along the spectrum, you could see many more people. >> i have many more questions but we have to leave that here. greta van susteren, thank you very much. a cancer research here coming up next on fox 5. we'll
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talk with one mother part of a group about to maca big personal change to raise support for their cause. and two weeks before the d.c. primary, the leading candidates faceoff in a debate. plus bed bugs, how wide spread is the problem with these creepy crawlers. fox 5 morning news coming back right after this. are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken.
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every week day 46 parents in the united states hear the words "you're child has cancer." this september is national cancer awareness month and four moms are shaving their heads for research. joining us is heidi, who lost her daughter jessica to brain cancer and she's one of the mommas from our area. welcome to the show. we're neighbors, but you are out in fauquier county.
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>> yes. >> tell me about jessica. >> she was a typical teenager, going through her typical things. and one evening in april of 2006 we had a grand mal seizure, which i didn't know what it was at that point. it scared me to death. >> how old was she? >> just about to turn 16. a couple of weeks before her 16th birthday. and it took about a month and a half to get a diagnosis of what was going on. she had several saysure -- seizures after that one. and they found out she had a brain tumor from an mri and she had surgery and they descovered it was malignant and it was a grade 3 and so she went through the whole treatment. she had surgery, she had radiation, chemotherapy and it was almost exactly a year after surgery that she passed away. just three days after her 17th birthday. >> gosh. 16 years old and we're looking at pictures her now as we're talking and i can't imagine what goes through your head
9:18 am
when you hear something like that. prior to her having seizures, were there any signs that she was having trouble? what was she like? >> she was introverted. she was careful who she took in. she wrote a lot and took pictures. a big artist. and in fact i have a lot of her -- she wrote a lot of journals and a lot of them i didn't discover until after she passed away. so one day, i hope to publish them. >> so when you heard that it was cancer, that's the kind of thing you just don't think will happen to you? >> no. and i had no idea how rampant childhood cancer was. i knew about leukemia, but i didn't know little kids and teen-agers were getting brain cancer and some of the osteo sarc onlias that you associate with adults. so it was a shock.
9:19 am
>> you don't -- i don't get the sense you're an activist. so what happened here? this is a such a traumatic event for your family. is that what spurred you forward to do something? >> well i mean ever since she passed away, i've slowly be surely become more and more of an activist. i've started some foundation and done a lot to bring awareness to childhood cancer and pediatric brain cancer. and i heard about the moms in the cancer community and a lot of us are doing our own thing to try to raise awareness and i said how can anybody not pay attention to 46 mothers going bald. and i thought this is my chance to make it big and scream to the world that we need to pay attention. >> heidi, what would you tell mothers out there who have
9:20 am
children, young children, teen- agers? >> oh, hug them every night. appreciate it. it's a life-changing experience, obviously. and it can happen to anyone. it doesn't discriminate. >> you are going to be headed out on september 7th as the head shaving event. thank you for coming in and talking with us. we appreciate it. heidi and her fellow mommas will be feature at the fundraiser live here on fox 5. heidi, thank you. >> thank you. a maryland lawmaker facing legal trouble this morning. that's coming up next after the break. and ahead this hour, holly has a preview of a fun festival going on this weekend. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if has everything to do with the middle eastern food.
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it's about food, fun and fellowship and we'll talk more about that and the church live a little later. 
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two american soldiers died fighting in afghanistan overnight. at the same time nato said coalition forces killed 37 insurgents in a series of ground and air battles. this comes as the defense secretary arrived this morning. gates will meet with hamid karzai and petraeus and u.s. soldiers. here at home middle east peace talks start in less than one hour. hillary clinton is about to sit down with the leaders of israel and palestine. it's the first time in 20 months they will hold direct face-to-face talks. mrs. clinton and benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas are beginning a process that could
9:25 am
lead to the creation of a palestinian state. a long time maryland senator is facing corruption charges. ulysses murray is facing charges that he took almost a quarter million dollars in bribes to do favors for shoppers food stores. the fbi filed a 48 page indictment in baltimore yesterday. in the district, the big debate from the two mayor candidates. mario fenty and vincent gray went at it at a debate yesterday. fenty is trailing gray. he said he made mistakes in trying to make d.c. a better place to live. >> i have to do a better job of making those people understand it is a change. >> i don't think it's a change of heart, it's part of a change of strategy. >> and it may be that he brings
9:26 am
his wife on the campaign trail. michelle obama said she's hurt by reports that her husband is arrogant. she said she'll be seen more on the campaign trail. coming up, on fox 5 morning news, you can take part by sending us your questions for this live debate. log on to and let us know what you think we should ask the candidates. and along with the employees yesterday that were evacuated, many young children were also. cameras are there when they were reunited with their parents. and we're keeping a close watch on hurricane earl. tucker has the latest after the break.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news at 9:29. and we're all watching the skies and walking around in our shorts at the same time. >> it's warm out there. temperatures pushing through the upper 70s and low 80s and
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some of the high cloud as associated with earl starting to make it into the viewing area. so it won't be long. the good news is we'll get everything out of here late in the day tomorrow and that will set us up for a fantastic weekend. so we have to endure the next couple of days. and around here in the immediate washington area, that means sunshine and warm temperatures today. so let's get to the latest with earl, and that is a lot of hurricane watches and warnings and tropical storm watches and warnings. and it gets confusing, but in north carolina, the red you see, that is a hurricane warning. these are hurricane watches in blue, so that includes the lower eastern shore. ocean city under a hurricane watch and a storm warning at the same time. and why i'm showing you this, look it extended up into maine and then into canada. this will impact areas from the carolinas right up to canada during the day on friday,
9:31 am
starting later tonight in the carolinas. cloud cover pushing up toward the washington area. so we'll see high clouds associated with -- associated with earl this afternoon and that's why we're going with ms. conditions. earl very impressive. look at that. tried to obtain dry air but didn't have much success. we're hopeful this loses some strengths because right now winds are 145 miles per hour gusting to about 170. this is a very major gat gory four hurricane. and you can see it pushing off to the north, northwest at 18 miles per hour. the thinking is it will shift off to the northeast and parallel the coast during the overnight hours. want to talk about the wind, because what you have to remember about the storms is they are huge. and so the tropical force are about 230 miles away.
9:32 am
just becauser not in the center of the storm doesn't mean you'll have to deal with the impact but later tonight we look to have hurricane winds approaching the coast of north carolina. and i think the worst for ocean city, rehoboth beach, the winds and shifting off to the north and east. and as it weakens it will still likely be a category one hurricane as it approaches maritime late in the day on saturday. once we get it out of here, it will be a beautiful weekend stretching from nantucket. it should be nice once it clears the coast. we're 75 in gaithersburg. off it a very warm start. 82 in frederick and 88 in fredericksberg. our high temperatures, a cool degree cooler than yesterday. yesterday we were 97 and today
9:33 am
93. code orange air quality. we have a coastal flood advisory in addition to our other advisories as the wash gets pushed up ahead of the storm later this afternoon and tonight. and into the nighttime hours, more cloud cover around here and earl will pass through the south and east tomorrow. 91 degrees, saturday, sunday and monday, temperatures in the 80s. back to you at the desk. travelers are being advised not to travel to or from ocean city, maryland, during the height of the storm. >> mandatory evacuations aren't expected though. sherry ly is live in ocean city with an official from emergency services. >> good morning, allison and gurvir. we are under a hurricane watch as well as the tropical storm warning which means this area is going to get bounded with heavy winds and high surf and that is nothing to joke about. joining us is joe theo bald with the emergency services director for ocean city.
9:34 am
you look at this storm, it is a monster out there and how concerned are you as this storm starts to approach. >> our awareness has been heightened since we started tracking the storm a few days ago. our preparations are in place and have been for a number of days. our forecast is consistent and we have a lot of faith in the hurricane center and what they provide us but the message we're sending is tomorrow will be a lousy day. ocean city will be back in business on saturday. but come tomorrow night, ocean city is back to where it should be. >> reporter: we see people out here at the beach, but it doesn't look like anything i want to venture out in. they're talking about 12-15 feet waves throughout the day. what type of restrictions are we talking about for people out on the beach. >> this is only the beginning.
9:35 am
we're seeing -- considering putting some restrictions into play and they will have. and we have extra crews roaming the beach at night. and unless the life guards are out on the beach, don't go in the water. take some personal responsibility and again we're open for business come saturday. >> reporter: and this is a big weekend for you. are you seeing cancellations at the hotels with any of the rental agencies? what are you expecting as far as the tourists coming into town? >> my expectations is tail remain consistent with labor weekends for about a quarter of million people in town. we're not seeing that at this point in time. and we want the public to take in personal responsibilities. we're going to have the tropical storm force winds and see some elevated surf and rip currents and we'll have some minor issues that we'll have downtown. but come the end of month, the
9:36 am
sun may be shining. >> the maryland governor has declared a state of emergency but there are no evacuations at this point. and even if this hurricane could change course and come closer. >> is there any time? >> no. we rely on what the forecast provides us to make those decisions and at this time evacuations are not on the table. we want people to stay indoors and prepare their property today and stay out of the storm tomorrow. don't travel during it and in about a 12-hour period it will come up and pass us. >> reporter: thank you very much. joe theo bald from ocean city. they are prepared, they will have another meeting at 1:00 today to go over the game plan and check the course of hurricane earl. but at this point no evacuations. that's the latest here. back to you. >> sarah, thank you. more now on the big story
9:37 am
this morning. the hostage standoff at the discovery communications building yesterday. a man burst into the building with guns and explosives strapped to his body. james lee two two men into -- as hostages. and we were told about the scary amount of explosives that lee had with him. >> he had on his person two propane cylinders similar to the kind you would use going camping. attached to those cylinders were pipes and he had two pipe bombs that had fire work type explosives inside of them. the bomb squat detonated the backpacks but we were able to determine we had a second handgun and some batteries and a variety of other things that
9:38 am
we went through. well the day care center is housed on the first floor of this building. one person tweeted, if anyone is near a tv, please tell me what is going on. coworkers are huddling around my computer reading the update. the kids are safe for all of those asking. still shaking. what a mighty god i serve. thank you, jesus. this is all of a tweet. it could have been me. and their little ones also made it out okay. a mother's anguish trying to get to her baby who was in the day care inside of the discovery communications building. >> you have children in the mcdonald's. >> reporter: hers was one of
9:39 am
several babies in their cribs who went down the sidewalk to a nearby mcdonalds while s.w.a.t. trucks moved into position and police tried to clear the area. day care workers jumped into action making sure the children were safe and out of harm's way. >> my child and wife is everything. >> reporter: beau murray rushed to the scene when he heard what was happening. >> she called me and told me what was going on and i saw the kids across colesville road and i went out and grabbed kids and people were helping out. >> we still don't know how many children were in the day care at the time but we do know the center has the capacity to provide care for more than 90 infants and toddlers. crews are gearing up for a delicate procedure at the site of the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. we'll have more of that on the other side of the break. and bed bugs are getting a
9:40 am
lot of attention later. how wide spread is the disease? we have a brand new poll. we'll be right back. 
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making headlines this morning, crewing will begin removing a cap on the blown out well and then they will raise the massive blowout preventer. they don't expect to see another gusher. in case of emergency, oil collection vessels have been put in place to collect any oil that will spill. a new rasmussen poll said that the bed bug invasion is on the rise. 9% of the population knows someone that has problems with bed bugs and translates into 25 million people and the poll shows 20% of americans have changed plans to go to public places because they worry about bringing bed bugs home and 46% are very or somewhat concerned about bed bugs effecting them. and we look at that video, who
9:44 am
wouldn't be. >> that keeps me out. that's gross. how would you like to double the plant life in your home for free? our garden expert derek thomas is live in studio to show us how to do that on the other side of the break. and then delicious food and dancing. holly is live with a sneak peek with the middle eastern food festival. holly is live at the church where that is happening when we come back. [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great.
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we are getting word into the news room at a fire at the phillips art gallery in the northwest. firefighters have the blaze under control but right now works are trying to get pieces of art removed from the area. it is in the 1600 block of 21st street and the street is closed in both directions. gurvir. now who says nothing in life is free. if you have indoor or outdoor
9:48 am
plants you can double your greenery without spending a time. derek thomas with thomas landscapes is here to tell us how to do that. >> how are you gurvir? >> great. and the plans are beautiful and i love the fact that you don't have to go out and buy new ones if you don't want to. >> if you don't want to. and this time of year it's exciting because we'll talk about different types of propagation and that's getting plants. this is a jade plant and this is a creeping charlie that rooted in and then some more seeds. the good thing about it is if you know your plant, you can get additional plants for free. >> here is my question. will just about any plant regeneration in. >> any plant will. all plants regeneration through some form of propagation and we have have to know whether it's
9:49 am
seedings or cuttings. and you mentioned the jade plant. >> i love it. >> believe it or not you can start off with a leaf from the jade plant and then end up with a branch new jade plant. >> and that will grow to this. >> and what you need to do with the leaf, and any time you do leaf cutting, make sure the leaf is dried before you put it into a medium-like sand. i like to use sand because it is pretty sterile and remains moisture. >> from there you transplant it into a pot. >> and a great way to make new plants. you take and do some cutting there. mother nature kind of tells you where the roots are. what i like to do is take off that lower leaf and the reason for that is that way it won't sour. you can put this into water and when you see the roads coming
9:50 am
out, then put it up if a potting medium. everybody loves geraniums. and this is a great project for the girls. >> you think? >> yeah. they're young enough -- they're old enough, i should say, get started. and this time of year geraniums look peaked and what i like to do is take a cutting of the gerain jum and clean this up. make sure the cutting has no lower leaves, let it dry and let it sit for about a day. take that cutting and stick it right into your sand and then what you'll do is take a little plastic bag, put it over it, and within two weeks it's going to root out and then you guys can grow that out on the windowsill over the winter. >> love it. i'm going to try that. i'll let you know.
9:51 am
>> if you know what you are doing, mother nature gives you the ability to have a great plant. >> good to see you. >> thank you. middle eastern food and live entertainment and traditional dancing are some of the things you can experience at the middle eastern food festival at mclean in virginia. and holly is at the holy transfiguration church today as they get ready for the big event. good morning. >> reporter: it is a big event. and they've been doing it for 17 years. and the whole point is not only to have your food, but dr. joseph frankavilla, i'm enjoyed my time with you today. >> i've enjoyed your company also. >> reporter: and when people walk in, this is different of what we think of when we think
9:52 am
of catholic churches. let's talk about that. >> we follow the business antoine, and from there st. peter was bishop in antioch before he went to rome and then carried to the city of constant noble and nowize and buhl and then we have the liturgy. and so we have a they'll logical tradition coming from the holy land in jerusalem and amplified by the eastern roman empire. so we performing the sacrifice which are called mysteries according to the byzantine. this is the place we are lifted again and our entrance into the mystery of kingdom of god. the lord jesus said the kingdom is ahead of you and he meant
9:53 am
the baptismal grace present with us is present in us and god's kingdom revealed to us. >> reporter: father joe, people said i can talk forever but i think you might have me beat. as we head into the church, we are listening to some singing. and one of the things that i noticed is there is no organ or piano. >> yes. because we do not use any musical instruments because the human voice is the only fit instrument to praise the living god. our church speaks of heaven on perth. god's kingdom revealed and present in it. the dome of the church contains an image of christ and providing over his creatation, which is the church and the walls of the church are icons of the saints of god. and across the front of the church you'll notice an icon
9:54 am
screen that has additional images. these are sacred impams of the transendent national. >> reporter: and you have some things of note to tell us about. tell us about the relics here. >> i'd be happy to tell you about that. this is a relic of the holy cross. some people may say, well, they are skeptical but it's authenticity but we can trace it's origin and journey through the constantin openle and in 1204 they attacked and carried back the spoils of war and among them were relics of the holy cross and from there they spread throughout europe. this particular relic was given to my predecessor by the pate
9:55 am
re acof venice. >> reporter: father joe, are you going to be here this weekend. >> i've been here for the past 40 years. >> reporter: saturday and sunday will be included. >> absolutely. >> reporter: so here is my advice. find this guy. allow a little time. >> we'll be having church tours conducted. >> reporter: he has a lot to share with you. and it's all wonderful. >> and she's great. >> reporter: is website. we have a link to their food festival website on saturday and sunday. from 11:00 to 1:00 on saturday and noon to 6:00 on sunday. >> see you there. >> reporter: and you'll walk away with more. i'll continue my tour. that's fine. >> okay. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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back now with a reminder that tomorrow morning the washington mayoral candidates will square off. tune in for the live debate in our studios and don't forget to
9:59 am
send us your questions. we want to pose them to the candidates. head to and let us know what issues you want the candidates to talk about. the candidate as peer tomorrow live here at 9:00 a.m. >> a busy time. tucker has another check on our weather and earl. >> around here, nice conditions outside. a little hazy out there. a little more humidity than yesterday. temperatures around here in the 90s later this afternoon. let's focus for a moment on earl and still a very intense hurricane. we'll get an advisory coming up in about an hour but at last look, maximum winds 145, gusts up to 175 miles per hour. you can see it shifting off to the north and we think it will move to the north and then eventually northeast. nice looking weekend around here. earl is out of here. high temperatures saturday, sunday and monday. >> get earl out of here so we can enjoy the labor
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